Date of Construction: 1893

Architectural Classification: Park

Survey Area: Downtown Libertyville

  • 300 N. Milwaukee Avenue Libertyville IL 60048
    42.284162, -87.953581
  • Building Details

    Building name: Central Park

    Ground Floor Use: Park

    Upper Floor Use: N/A

    Current Occupant: Sunrise Rotary Park

    Zoning: Sunrise Rotary Park

    Number of Stories: N/A

    Property Index Number: N/A

  • Local

    Within Local District?: No

    Local Dist Contrib/Non-Contrib?: C

    Local Landmark?: No

    Year: No

    Local Landmark Eligible?: No

    Criteria: No

  • National Register

    NR District Contrib/Non-Contrib: C

    Within District?: No

    NR Landmark?: No

    Year: No

    NR Eligible?: No

    Criteria: No

    Alternate Address?: No

  • General Information

    Category: site

    Condition: Good

    Integrity: Good

    Current Use: Landscape - park

    Historic Use: Landscape - park

    Secondary Structure: Landscape - park

    NR Second: Landscape - park

  • Architectural Description

    Architectural Classification: Park

    Details: Park

    Other Year: 1988, 2000 (c)

    Date source: Illinois Digital Archives/plaque/surveyor

    Wall Material (Current): Illinois Digital Archives/plaque/surveyor

    Wall Material 2 (Current): Illinois Digital Archives/plaque/surveyor

    Plan: Illinois Digital Archives/plaque/surveyor

    No of Stories: Illinois Digital Archives/plaque/surveyor

    Roof Type: Illinois Digital Archives/plaque/surveyor

    Roof Material: Illinois Digital Archives/plaque/surveyor

    Foundation: Illinois Digital Archives/plaque/surveyor

    Porch: Illinois Digital Archives/plaque/surveyor

    Window Material: Illinois Digital Archives/plaque/surveyor

    Window Material 2: Illinois Digital Archives/plaque/surveyor

    Window Type: Illinois Digital Archives/plaque/surveyor

    Window Configuration: Illinois Digital Archives/plaque/surveyor

    Significance: Illinois Digital Archives/plaque/surveyor

    Historic Features: Overall area of park is the same as 1893

    Alterations: Gazebo (1988); playground at east end (c. 2000)

  • Historic Information

    Old Address (city dir.year: Gazebo (1988); playground at east end (c. 2000)

    Building Moved?: Gazebo (1988); playground at east end (c. 2000)

    Moved From: Gazebo (1988); playground at east end (c. 2000)

    Original Owner: Gazebo (1988); playground at east end (c. 2000)

    Original Architect: Gazebo (1988); playground at east end (c. 2000)

    Architect Source: Gazebo (1988); playground at east end (c. 2000)

    Builder: Gazebo (1988); playground at east end (c. 2000)

    Surveyor: LR

    Surveyor Organization: Ramsey Historic Consultants

    Survey Date: May-June 2016

    Survey Area: Downtown Libertyville

  • Permit/Historic Information

    Old Address: Downtown Libertyville

    Date of Construction: Downtown Libertyville

  • Permit Moving Information

    Moving Permit #: Downtown Libertyville

    Date Moved: Downtown Libertyville

  • Original Permit Information

    Building Permit #: Downtown Libertyville

    Date: Downtown Libertyville

    Building Permit Description: Downtown Libertyville

    Cost: Downtown Libertyville

    Original Owner Occupied?: Downtown Libertyville

    Exterior Alteration Permits: Downtown Libertyville

    Other Permit Information: Downtown Libertyville

    COA Info: Downtown Libertyville

    Historic Info: From Illinois Digital Archives (info from Libertyville-Mundelein Historical Society and Cook Memorial Public Library): "A view of Central Park looking east from Milwaukee Avenue. The Catholic church and rectory can be seen through the trees in the background. According to local historian Dean Larson, the cannon was later moved to Cook Park. During World War II it was melted down. Central Park was officially set aside as a park when C. Frank Wright's subdivision became an addition to the village of Libertyville in 1893. Wright's addition was primarily a residential neighborhood surrounding the park, bordered by Broadway Street on the north, Park Avenue on the south, Second Street on the east and Milwaukee Avenue on the west."

    Other Sources: Historic photographs of park at Illinois Digital Archives (in collection of Libertyville-Mundelein Historical Society and Cook Memorial Public Library):

    Historic Info Compiler: LR

    Volunteer: LR

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